Lotion Bars
Lotion Bars
Lotion Bars

Lotion Bars

ReNu Body Essentials

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REnU Lotion Bars contain 100% pure natural ingredients.  These silky lotion bars warm and melt in your hand providing you with a soft silky glide over your skin helping to lock in moisture and protect you from the effects of weather.

Throw in your purse, keep in your car with no worries that they will leak! Pack in your your carry on! They are under the weight for acceptable liquids to carry on!

Essential Collection Lotion Bars scents are scented only by Essential oils not artificial fragrances. Available in Lavender & Lemongrass and Bug Off Scents. 

Fragrant Collection Lotion Bars are scented with Fragrance Oils. Available in Beach Life, Island Sun, Tropical Sunset, Honey Almond and Vanilla Scents.

Ingredients:Cocoa Butter or Mango Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils, & Mica

Directions:  Hold lotion bar in hand and glide over your skin.  Great for massages as well. 

Small = .5 oz and Large = 3.75 oz

3 Pk Gift Sets:  

Essential Collection Contains 3 small lotion bars- Lavender, Lemongrass & Flower Garden

Beach Collection Contains 3 small lotion bars- Beach Life, Island Sun & Tropical Sunset