About Us

I want it to help impact women’s lives! I have had a dream for many years of owning my own clothing boutique. But that’s all it was.... a dream. I never thought it would ever happen. I am the partner in our marriage who carries all the benefits so I had to be the one to tuck away my dreams and just let them be dreams....... until now..... As we raised our children I always had the need for that creative outlet so I became involved in direct sales, scrapbooking, etc.... Then I decided why not just start looking into the possibility of a clothing boutique. It would at the least be fun to research even if it never happened. A brick and mortar was out of the question because we still need health insurance, retirement benefits, etc... So I began to research an online boutique. Then I thought.... what am I doing???? I am too old to start something like this! As I talked to more women they cheered me on saying “you’re not too old!” “Go for it!” In addition, I found that there are many women my age who are frustrated with not being able to find fashions to fit their changing bodies that are on trend and in style in addition to curvy girls who don’t want to look like their wearing a mumu....... Long story short.... My 27 year old daughter Kelsey who loves fashion and has a great eye wanted in on this adventure so we are covering all the bases and hope you love what we will be offering!  Thank you and I hope you love the styles we chose as much as we do!!!! Tracey and Kelsey